Scary Temple Online Board Game

During the COVID-19 outbreak I decided to implement an online board game which was popular with my group of friends, in order to learn a bit of javascript (and anything else this entailed). For any aspiring coders, I used javascript for the client and Node.js for server, combined with the wonderful Colyseus library.

Colyseus provides an elegant, easy to understand framework for players to enter lobbies and exchange messages with the server and each other. It also takes care of synchronising the state of the game between all entities seamlessly, with minimal effort. The library is capable of providing the backbone to a lot more than just this simple board game, which in all honesty could probably be implemented directly as a slightly hacky Express API as well, since, being a board game, does not have any fast action or need for low latency.

The rules are somewhat based on Tempel des Schreckens and you can try the result here.